India is the ultimate travel destination. From sandy beaches to blazing deserts, to white proud mountains and lush jungles, India offers it all.

India is known for its diverse culture. It takes you back in time with its majestic palaces and forts of the maharajas and exposes you to the grandeur of the beautifully carved monuments belonging to the sultans and mughals that once ruled the land. India is a country where even the rivers are sacred, the animals are worshipped and the mountains are considered the residence of gods. Be a part of the spiritual journey and embrace the sanctity the land has to offer.

Essence of India specialises in making tour packages for ‘off the beaten path’ in the Indian subcontinent. We provide you with a range of tour packages best suited to your taste. These packages vary from trekking, rafting, cultural, architectural and archaeological, pilgrimage to tribal, home stay, honeymoon and wildlife safaris.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for us and hence we make it our duty to save the natural habitat and encourage eco friendly ways to deal with the environment. As a way to spread awareness, we support more wildlife tourism.

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